What type of clients have we supported?
-    Our experience stems from the creative services industry. We've worked for clients ranging from branding agencies through to digital agencies. We've also supported design firms, advertising agencies and content marketing companies.

What type of engagement models are there?
-    We work on either a retainer or retainer (+ commission) model. Most clients utilise our services us on a “day(s)” per week basis (e.g. 1,2 or 3 days per week). Our day rate starts at $975 (per day excluding GST & Travel). We’re happy to commit to a commission based model if we can meet in the middle. Our day rate for a commission model starts at $850 (per day excluding GST & Travel) + 5% commission.

What type of engagement model is best?
-    Every client is different. But (as a rule of thumb) retainer models suit those new to business development. Commission based engagement models work best for those with an understanding of business development principles.

What if I have assessed my business development efforts? Or have business development tools and processes in place?
-    We’re happy to work alongside you to refine your business development efforts. Often, we work with business owners on retainer in an “agile capacity”. We support quick wins such as market assessments, contact strategies or refining value propositions.

How to you manage ongoing support for business development programs (beyond the initial programs)?
-    Through our five-phase approach, we recognise the need to bring business development in-house. We recommend clients consider a full-time business development hire once a sustainable pipeline exists.

What other benefits are there to becoming a client?
-    We believe business development starts with marketing and finishes with a satisfied customer. We will often extend our remit by:

  • attending initial meetings and briefings
  • capturing information and preparing a needs analysis
  • qualifying and reframing briefs
  • responding to briefs and editing RFP submissions
  • managing procurement requirements; 
  • supporting with onboarding and kick-off meetings
  • facilitating introductions to complementary creative partners

How do you manage conflicts of interest?
-    We segment the creative industry and design industry by disciplines (e.g. Advertising, Digital, PR & Communications, Experiential, Media, Marketing). We will never work with competing businesses at the same time - it's not ethical. We do not believe in exclusivity unless requested upfront and detailed in a contract.

What are your Terms and conditions?
-    We provide contracts based on the Australian precedent services agreement. We make concessions around the service location, resourcing, commission structures, exclusivity and cancellation periods.

What are your payment terms?
-    Our payment terms are 14days upon receipt of any invoice. We issue invoices on the last working day of every month. 

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