How to build a proactive and collaborative relationships using business development

We draw similarities between our approach to business development and training for sports. We find the comparison a good way to describe our approach.

Our five phase approach to business development at Norske consists of:

-    Assessment – Like a fitness test, we start by assessing your business plan, forecast, and objectives. We measure your current business development level and sophistication to gauge your needs.

-    Strategic plan – Once we understand your current business development level, we design and develop a strategic plan. Like learning a new skill, we build up business development activities to meet goals over time.

-    Benchmarking – It’s easy to jump straight into a program, but we like to make sure our clients are setup for success. During benchmarking, we’ll suggest the implementation of new processes, tools and systems. Our aim is to ensure business development is consistent across your company.

-    Programs – While every client is different, we tend to recommend quarterly business development programs.  This means we can execute, manage and track business development activities appropriately.  Our programs focus on building momentum with target audiences and achieving objectives.

-    Transition – Our most satisfied clients almost always end up managing business in-house. Once programs have become engrained, we can help you to hire, onboard and manage your business development team.

Through our five phase approach, we’re always trying to help our clients to “win back time”. We believe business development should enjoyable (not become a chore). We’re here to help you grow your company in a sustainable a consider manner. 

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